American Storage Offers Discount In Response To Corona Virus

To our customers:

colorado springs storage units discountedIn light of the Governor’s executive order on Sunday and many of our customers being impacted by this Corona virus issue, we want to offer to you a rate concession on your storage unit / space with American Storage for the next two (2) months.

Effective April 1, 2020, the storage rate on your unit will be reduced by $5 per month for the next 2 months (April and May 2020). Our desire is to thank you for your business and provide you some concession in order to reduce monthly expenses paid for storage; and to let you know that, as part of the Colorado Springs community, we want to take this initiative to express understanding of the additional burden from this Covid-19 virus and its impact on you, our customer.

We appreciate having you as customers and look forward to continuing to take care of your storage needs in 2020!!

The American Storage Team
6740 Vincent Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 265-9999

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning may sound like something your grandmother did, but it has merit!

House cleaning week to week whether done by a professional or by the family can only cover so much. Part of a well-maintained house includes a few different lists of deep cleaning and organizing.


While Martha Stewart might have an overwhelming list of lists for cleaning, half the battle is compiling a list to get you started…. so here’s a little help!

  • Make a plan and write it down –Include things like cleaning railings, door jambs, baseboards, cabinet doors…
  • Gather all your cleaning tools –Nothing is more frustrating than being ready to clean and being out of cleaning supplies.
  • Clean first, so you have more time to declutter –Try to organize as you go along but don’t get distracted from completing your cleaning. Set things aside, or make a mental note to come back to that area to better organize it so you will know if it needs to go to storage later.
  • Maintain your clean home as best as possible –As you clean, make note of areas that could use some more regular cleaning…
  • ONCE YOU ARE FINISHED, if you feel your home is not clutter free, pack up the things you only use seasonally and move them to storage for even more room!  Why collect the extra dust if you don’t have to, a small 5×5 can do wonders for your overloaded spaces!
Reclaim Your Garage!

Reclaim Your Garage!

IMG_5780It’s a new year and time to get organized! Self storage is a great way to clear out the clutter and make more space at home. Here are some tips to get started in the garage:

  • Start by taking everything out…and getting rid of trash as you go.
  • Sort everything into related piles
  • Designate piles such as “Give,” “Storage Unit,” and “Back to their home,” or “Garage Sale”
  • Enlist the whole family and break up the work with some pizza or snacks! It’s a great opportunity to create some family memories!

Bring over those seasonal items like lawn mowers, boating equipment, and other items you won’t need until summer. Plan to swap them out in the summer time for the snow blower, ski equipment and sleds. You’d be surprised at how much space you gain at home when you store your stuff with us at a great price!

Refer a friend and go home with cash in your pocket for that pizza party and garage de-clutter!

Happy new year from your friends at American Storage!