How Do You Know How Big a Truck You Need to Move Your Items

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When you’re moving to a new home, knowing the size of the truck and storage compartment you’ll need to move your items is an essential thing, especially when you’re moving far away. In some cases, making two or more trips can be detrimental or expensive, and it can also end up making you waste a lot of unnecessary time.


The first step is to figure out the number of cubic feet of space you’ll need for the move. Depending on the sizes and number of your boxes, as well as your furniture and appliances, you can calculate this number quite easily. These days there are also online moving calculators to help you determine the size in a more precise way.


You also have to ask yourself how the items could fit together, whether or not you’ll be moving a lot of fragile items or vehicles, and whether or not your budget can handle a larger truck size. Also, do you have any oversized items that will require special treatment?


The easiest way to decide is when you’re stuck between two sizes. In that case, always pick the larger one, since the smaller truck could entail a risk that you’ll fall short of the space you need.  Many of the best storage units Colorado Springs has to rent will be able to help you figure out which unit will suit your needs.



Avoid Perishables and Flammable Items: What Not to Keep in Long Term Storage

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A lot of the time, when you’re planning to store items long term, the mini storage Colorado Springs representatives will draw your attention to a list of items that you should avoid storing. This is typically to avoid having to clean and repair storage units that are damaged by decomposing perishables or flammable items that could easily cause a fire.


However, aside from these items, there are also others you have to avoid keeping in storage, not because of the damage that they could cause to the unit itself, but because of how they can damage your other belongings over time.


Some chemicals, such as fuel oils and the acids found in batteries are good examples of this. Although some of these are not likely to be too dangerous, they can end up damaging other items you store them with, especially on a long term basis.


Moist and scented items are the same, and the added moisture can also facilitate the formation of mold and mildew, which could spell disaster for any furniture items you might be storing.


Finally, avoid placing high value, sensitive and fragile items in tightly packed storage compartments. Over time, environmental stressors or earthquakes could lead to them being easily damaged or broken as a result of a fall, or if another item falls on top of them.

How to Find the Best Deals for Your Summer Storage Needs

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Finding the right storage Colorado Springs CO company for summer storage might seem like a straightforward thing to do. However, it’s usually a lot more hassle than it seems, since summer storage needs some added features that not all storage companies can provide.


First of all, you’ll have to know exactly what you want to store and what categories those items will fall into. For instance, if nothing you store is temperature or climate-sensitive, and you’re just looking to unclutter some of your living space without keeping your items out in the open, then one of the cheaper storage units will do. However, if you’re storing chemicals, flammable items, gardening materials or anything that could be damaged in an overly warm space, then you will have to look for a dependable storage company offering climate-controlled, secure units that you can easily access at short notice.


Being able to check on your items is as important as the climate control itself, since you’ll want to be able to make sure that nothing happened to them. For some fragile and expensive items, doing so could help you avoid losing thousands of dollars just by discovering a problem sooner rather than later.


Ultimately, finding the best deals should involve looking for the right storage unit first, and then comparing it with what other (cheaper and more expensive) storage providers can offer. That way you’ll have the best chance to find the most competitive price for what you need specifically.

Are Storage Units Airtight?

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The standard storage units available from storage space providers are not airtight, but most storage unit companies offer a wide range of units to rent, airtight compartments included. Airtight units are the top of the range – here are the benefits offered by airtight storage units:

  • Stable climate – sensitive objects can be severely impacted by changing climate conditions. Airtight units eliminate the risk not only by preventing the penetration of rain and snow from the outside, but also by maintaining the temperature and the humidity of the air inside the container at stable levels.  Storage places have climate controlled storage Colorado Springs area so there is no need to worry;
  • Protection from pests – insects, rodents and birds can make their way through the tiniest hole or gap and they can cause lots of property damage. With airtight units, you can be sure that no such pests can find their way inside your compartment;
  • Enhanced security – airtight units are mostly used for valuable and sensitive items that need not only a stable climate, but the highest level of security as well. Storage space providers are aware of such requirements, therefore most of their airtight units are fitted with surveillance cameras and they also benefit from standard security features, such as human guards and perimeter fencing.

Are Storage Units Safe for Expensive Furniture?

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Furniture, especially expensive, high-end furniture, is built to last for long years, but it is intended for being used in controlled circumstances, in rooms that are dry and sheltered from the vicissitudes of the weather. Most furnishing items, especially the ones that are made partially or completely from wood, cannot last in damp, excessively cold or hot environments, at least not for long, so if you want to move such items to a storage facility, the best solution is to choose a climate controlled unit. Here are a few things that you should know about the option:

  • The highest level of safety for your valuable furniture – climatized storage units are airtight and equipped with climate control to make sure that no dust, dampness and pests enter the storage unit and to ensure stable temperature, all these features being essential for storing you furnishing items safe from damage;
  • The highest level of security for your expensive furnishing items – if the pieces that you want to move to a storage unit are high-end or antique furnishing items, you surely want to protect them from intruders as well. Most storage facilities are equipped with top-notch security features, including surveillance camera systems and are also protected with human and canine guards.  Get your next move scheduled

Are Storage Units Open 24 Hours?

Storage 24/7

Some storage space providers work with opening hours similar to office hours, but many companies such as American Storage have realized the importance of providing their customers round the clock access to the rented unit, so finding a storage company that is open 24/7 is easy these days. Here are the benefits of renting a storage unit that you can access whenever you want:

  • Round the clock security surveillance – most storage unit providers equip their facility with multiple security features, using human guards, dogs as well as surveillance through security cameras;
  • Access to your rented unit whenever you want – most of us have hectic schedules that do not allow us to leave our work or other duties during standard office hours. The storage facilities that offer round the clock access to rented compartments are great for us, busy people, because they grant access to the storage compartments any time, during the day and at night, on weekdays and in weekends alike. The categories of clients that can benefit from round the clock access include businesses that start work early, such as gardeners, people who work in shifts or usually finish late during the day, busy mothers who spend the day taking care of the kids and can access to their storage unit after the kids have been put into bed or before they wake up.

How Can I Bid on An Abandoned Storage Unit?

Storage Facilities Auctions Abandoned Unit

One of the major issues that well kept storage facilities in Colorado Springs and other areas are faced with is the loss caused by abandoned storage units – units that have been rented and filled, but for which the renter has not paid the fee for over three months. The standard solution for the problem is to seize the unit with all its contents and to auction the items stored in the unit. If you are interested in this type of treasure hunting, here are some tips for you:

  • Contact the storage facilities in your region – the fastest and easiest way to find out about auctions is by contacting the facilities in your area to ask them about the days when they have live auctions;
  • Be prepared to pay a small fee – while most auctions are free to join, requiring bidders only to pay the price they have bid for, some events, especially the ones offered by large facilities, can be joined for a small fee;
  • Take your time – be prepared that the bidding process will take some of your time, usually 3-4 hours;
  • Have some cash on you – many facilities accept only cash payments for auctioned units, so make sure you have as much cash with you as you can spend on the bid.

What Can’t I Store In A Rental Storage Unit?

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Renting a storage unit can be very useful in different circumstances: keeping various seasonal items ready for the next use, minimizing clutter, storing professional or personal belongings during relocations etc. Basically, with a storage unit you can save time and space when you need them most – and that`s the main benefit.

You can store a wide variety of things: sporting equipment, gardening equipment, household items (furniture, books, clothes, kitchen supplies, office supplies, clothes etc.) commercial goods, electronics (TVs, gaming systems, computer equipment etc.) and unplugged appliances.  You can find car storage Colorado Springs area too!

However, it is good to know that some items are not allowed to be stored.


Firearms and ammunition represent particular items, with particular storage requirements that are not provided by a storage renting company.

Hazardous materials

Anything that can catch fire or explode is prohibited: propane, gasoline, chemicals, paint, fireworks etc.

Toxic materials

A storage unit is also not a place for fertilizers, bio waste, radioactive waste or illegal substances.

Food items

Food items (including pet food) are perishable, so they encourage bacteria and attract rodents and bugs, therefore their storage in such units is forbidden.

Living plants and animals

Storage units are designed for non-living things. Nothing that requires food, water and light can be stored there.

Are All Storage Rental Places The Same?

Question Are Storage Units All The Same

Renting a storage unit is an option considered by many people and has become a very profitable business.  Storage rental places allow you to keep your belongings safe even if there is no room for them in your house. It is an excellent way to declutter and also to store your things while you relocate or during a home renovation project.

There are different types of storage units Colorado Springs CO are designed to accommodate most individual needs. They have different names (personal storage, mini storage etc.) and provide various amounts of space, rental periods and features. Security is provided, but it comes in different forms: locks, key card access, code access, security cameras, security guards, door alarms, permanent on-site management etc.

Basically, you can opt for outside storage and indoor storage.

Outside storage is more common, especially for storing vehicles, because they are less affected by the elements than other personal belongings. This type of storage is also more affordable, because it provides only a covered unit, typically partitioned by wire mesh.

On the other hand, indoor storage provides a safe environment for other objects that could not be stored outdoors: furniture, documents, household appliances etc. It is even possible to rent climate controlled units if you need them.


What Happens To My Storage Unit If I Die?

What You Need To Know Regarding Storage Guidelines

Self storage is a huge business in the US, taking up about 2.3 billion feet of space. And it seems that it is here to stay for a very long time.

Speaking about time… If you rented a storage unit and plan to keep it indefinitely, maybe you wonder what will happen to it if you die. There are several possible scenarios, depending on whether you have or haven`t provided access to someone else.

If you have given access to another person, things are simple: that person can go to the place, empty it out and close the contract.

On the other hand, if you didn`t give access to your storage unit to anyone, the executor of your estate can be granted access once they present the necessary paperwork.

There is also a third scenario, if you never told anyone about your storage unit. In this case, someone close to you might find about it if they have access to your mail (facility managers typically send a letter before foreclosing) or to your credit card or bank statements, where there are listed your monthly or annual charges for the storage facility.

For some of the best storage in Colorado Springs look to




Is It Better To Store A Boat Inside?

Public Boat Storage Is It Worth It

Boats can have many different purposes. Some use them for fishing, for recreational activities, for transportation, while others depend on them because they are essential for their job. Boats, like any passion, require quite a lot of time and attention. They have to be protected and maintained, in order to be used for as long as possible. The most efficient way to protect a boat is to store it somewhere inside like a public storage Colorado Springs area unit or garage, because this is the only way to avoid the risks associated with exposure to the elements.

An effective way to protect it is storing it in a metal container. Renting storage containers offers completely flexible and customizable storage solutions.

This type of garage for a boat is a solid metal construction, very convenient and affordable.  Besides keeping your boat away from damaging factors such as sun exposure, hailstorms, humidity and cold, there are other significant advantages of storing it in a container: first of all, you can keep the boat on private property, without paying rent for a place in a harbor; secondly, it is also convenient because you can perform any cleaning and maintenance operation at your own pace. Any nautical equipment can be stored in these containers.

The Many Benefits of Furniture Sliders When Filling Your Storage Unit

Self Storage Moving Tips

Furniture sliders are an excellent and overall affordable means of getting your furniture to move more easily. Heavy items such as shelves, couches and large cabinets can be hard to move around, and they can make your work more difficult when you plan to load them into your storage unit. But with the help of furniture sliders, you can get the job done faster and with less physical work.


Furniture sliders are special sliders made from a smooth surface that can be placed under your furniture, allowing it to slide more easily across different surfaces. These sliders also have the role of protecting your floors and surfaces, as you can slide the furniture without risking to scratch or damage your flooring in any way.


These sliders work especially well on hardwood flooring, but they also work on metal and other materials. Sliding your furniture into a self storage Colorado Springs area unit will be very easy, and it won’t require much effort to get it properly into place.


The great thing about furniture sliders is that they can eliminate some of the workforce involved in moving heavy furniture items. Even though you might still need two people to move a couch, you won’t have to be as athletic, and in some cases, one person will be enough to move furniture that would normally have required two or three strong individuals.

Why Is Labeling Your Boxes in Storage a Good Idea?

Labeling Moving Boxes Storage Benefits

Keeping a detailed inventory of what you put into storage is not only a good idea, but it can be quite crucial if you want to protect your items in any efficient way. Labeling your boxes will help a lot, since not only will it assist you in organizing your storage unit in a better way, but also discourage anyone from stealing a box and hoping nobody notices.


The process is quite simple: make a written inventory of everything you have inside your boxes, label each box with a couple of words describing the contents (for instance, “Electronic Gadgets” or “Aromatherapy Supplies”), then set them in place and take pictures of them, so you have evidence that the boxes were placed there in a certain order and in the configuration that you’ve chosen.


The benefits of this course of action can be quite impressive. Aside from knowing immediately if something was stolen, you can also find an item you need right away, rearrange your boxes if needed, and check on fragile items without much difficulty.


You’ll find that organizing and labeling your boxes will also allow you to safely remove them without worrying that a heavy box might fall on top of a fragile one. That’s a big plus if you hire people with Colorado Springs storage to help you move your boxes to the new home, since not everyone will treat them as carefully as you would.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Use Storage Shelves in Your Storage Unit?

Storage Shelves in Storage Units

Having a storage unit gives you a lot of space for storing just about anything you want. However, the space inside even the largest units is quite limited, and in some cases, establishing a practical arrangement for your boxes can help you save a lot of space (and money).


Most people just put their larger pieces of furniture wherever they can and set up their boxes on or around them. This is a fairly good way of storing your items, since some pieces of furniture, like couches and recliners, are fitted with padding or soft cushions that can prevent items from breaking if they fall off a shelf or a taller furniture item. However, this configuration is not stable, and the real damage can be seen if the unit is moved or if there is an earthquake.


Storage shelves will allow you to organize your storage space more efficiently. By placing shelves on one side of the unit and setting your boxes on the shelves, you will be able to stabilize them more easily and find a storage layout that works better for protecting your fragile items.


You’ll find you will have even more available space for storing your furniture on the other side of your storage unit, and you might even save money by avoiding having to rent an additional Colorado Springs Storage unit due to a shortage of available space.

Do You Need Renters Insurance for Things You Store in Your Storage Unit?

American Storage Insurance

If you have a storage unit, renter’s insurance is a great thing to have. Even though the risks of the unit being broken into and your stuff being stolen is not really that high, there are other potential threats that need to be considered. Fires, water damage during floods and damage from excessive heat or cold when the climate control system malfunctions can all be covered by your renter’s insurance, if you pay for that level of coverage.


Of course, renter’s insurance isn’t without its flaws. A limit of 10% is usually associated with most premium, which means you’ll only get 10% in compensation, if you lose all your belongings or if everything is damaged beyond repair.


Ultimately, however, a limited insurance policy is better than nothing. You’ll hear that from many American Storage experts who agree that, while spending more money on getting better features with your storage unit can be a good idea, you can never account for all the things that could go wrong. As a result, instead of just relying on fancy metal doors, advanced electronic sensors and large locks, you’re better off also investing in renter’s insurance, so you can make sure that you don’t run into any unexpected and unwanted developments.

Is Using Storage for Your Business Really a Good Idea?

Storage Near Me Solutions

Using your home as the main headquarters for your business isn’t considered such a good idea by most experts. The home is an area where you typically want to relax, play games with your kids and think about what your next move will be once you do some redecorating. Items, files and equipment you use for business will usually have no place there, and your spouse might even get angry that you keep it in the house and take up space with it.


A novel idea that works for some is to rent out a storage unit and run their businesses from there. Although it sounds unconventional, it actually works in some cases, as long as you know that the business you’re trying to start or grow can actually be run from a storage unit.


The first  thing you have to keep track of is legality. Check the laws in your state and local area to see what types of businesses (if any) you can actually run from a storage unit. Then ask the storage company if you’re allowed to do that and what the restrictions are.


Typically, delivery services, businesses based entirely around working on a computer, video and photography studios and much more can be safely handled from a storage unit. However, you might want to find a storage provider that doesn’t have such strict rules about what they allow to happen inside their storage containers.  When searching for storage near me it is always good to include the city in which you will be moving to.

Deciding on the Right Storage Company to Hire When Moving House

Dependable Services American Storage Solutions

If you’re worried about which storage company you should choose when you move house, your concern might not be too unfounded. After all, not all companies are created equal, and the things that are considered values by some are a nuisance to others. Selecting the right storage company is all about selecting the right approach to storing your items safely, and not necessarily about renting a certain type of product. You’ll find that oftentimes it’s the service being provided that differs the most, not necessarily the actual storage containers.


When you move to a new location, you have to think about renting a storage unit, since you might not be able to move your furniture and appliances in right away. In some cases, homeowners are even forced to stay at a hotel or with family, until such time that their new house becomes available for them to move in.


Some companies will provide you with friendly support and even assistance with moving or at least unloading your items. Others will focus more on security, and they give more attention to premium units that have climate control and advanced features.


For moving to a new home, you might want a company found here that focuses more on providing reliable service and attention to detail with cheaper storage containers specifically designed to store furniture and appliances. You also have to make sure that they’re friendly, dependable and able to provide you with the knowledge and advice you need in such a stressful time.

How to Select the Right Storage Facility for Your Boat

Boat Storage Units

Boat storage isn’t something you come across too often. Many storage facilities will offer storage solutions for cars and winter equipment like snow mobiles, but boats aren’t typically on the menu since they are larger and might require a more specialized type of storage.


To store a boat, you need to know how large it is and you have to be aware of the less common requirements that you should be looking for:


  • Aside from the considerable size of a boat storage unit, you also have to make sure it’s highly secure. Check the locks, and inquire about the security features and tech that the storage provider has to offer.
  • Ask if RV or trailer parking is available in the nearby area or right next to your storage unit. You might need that if you plan to pick up your boat on the go and drive straight to the beach.
  • Although it’s not entirely necessary to get temperature and climate control, it might be a good idea. As winter temperatures grow colder during the months of December or January, your boat’s internal parts and functionality could be impaired. Quality boat storage Colorado Springs area will ensure that your boat remains in prime condition, just like the time you stored it.

Choosing the Ideal Storage for Keeping Your Hobby Car Safe

Storage Units For Hobby Car Remodels

Whether you just bought a race car as a hobby car, or you modified an old pickup truck to look like something straight out of sci-fi, having a hobby car can be a great idea. Unfortunately, you might not always have enough space for it, and leaving it out in the scorching sun during the summer or letting it freeze in your back yard during the winter is not very productive or good.


It’s a good idea in these cases to search for storage units near me for convenience for your hobby car. The idea is to get a smaller vehicle storage unit that can house your car and offer increased safety and climate control features, so you can keep it safe from thefts and the elements.


Choosing the right storage can of course be tricky. You have to look for a storage company that specializes in storing cars. Their units are likely located in a strategic area and are designed to keep the temperature and humidity levels fairly constant, so your car’s internal elements won’t have to suffer.


Make sure you do your research properly and actually visit a few storage companies to see what their storage containers look like, how they manage security and safety, and what their actual offer is.

American Storage Offers Discount In Response To Corona Virus

To our customers:

colorado springs storage units discountedIn light of the Governor’s executive order on Sunday and many of our customers being impacted by this Corona virus issue, we want to offer to you a rate concession on your storage unit / space with American Storage for the next two (2) months.

Effective April 1, 2020, the storage rate on your unit will be reduced by $5 per month for the next 2 months (April and May 2020). Our desire is to thank you for your business and provide you some concession in order to reduce monthly expenses paid for storage; and to let you know that, as part of the Colorado Springs community, we want to take this initiative to express understanding of the additional burden from this Covid-19 virus and its impact on you, our customer.

We appreciate having you as customers and look forward to continuing to take care of your storage needs in 2020!!

The American Storage Team
6740 Vincent Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 265-9999