Reclaim Your Garage!

January 8, 2014

It's a new year and time to get organized! Self-storage is a great way to clear out the clutter and make more space at home. Here are some tips to get started in the garage:

  • Start by taking everything out...and getting rid of trash as you go.
  • Sort everything into related piles
  • Designate piles such as "Give," "Storage Unit," and "Back to their home," or "Garage Sale"
  • Enlist the whole family and break up the work with some pizza or snacks! It's a great opportunity to create some family memories!

Remember that the garage should not be a place that is damp and dark. It can be beautified, decorated and made into a more lively place that gives a good vibe. With the help of experts like the ones at The Smarter Garage, you can have the garage customized to your preferences. Since it is the time of New Year, it is important that individuals take a note of their most left out place--their garage. They should inspect the indoor area, and look for any cracks, holes, and damages on the floor, doors, and walls. Upon finding issues in the interior of the garage, the owners should either call for a repair person who could take care of all the problems or you can consider the option of building a new garage by scrapping the old one with the help of Custom Garage Builders. Whatever the decision, owners should keep in mind that a garage should be treated like any other part of the house --with respect and without neglect.

Once the garage is taken care of, homeowners can move to the other areas of their house to give them a festive look. Bring over those seasonal items like lawnmowers, boating equipment, and other items you won't need until summer. Plan to swap them out in the summertime for the snowblower, ski equipment, and sleds. You'd be surprised at how much space you gain at home when you store your stuff with us at a great price!

Refer a friend and go home with cash in your pocket for that pizza party and garage de-clutter!

Happy new year from your friends at American Storage!

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