A Look at Some of the Weirdest Things People Have Kept in Storage Over the Years

weird things people put in storage

Lots of people use storage units. Most of the time they arrive after the lease period is over and pick up their belongings without anyone even knowing what was in there. However, in some cases, the company owning the storage facility has to take care of emptying the unit when the lease is over and no one arrived to claim the contents anymore. This is when it’s revealed that people store some pretty weird stuff in the self-storage units they rent out.


Rare comics and memorabilia are actually not that strange, and over the years there have been items such as the first Superman comic and Burt Reynolds’ old artifacts, which have attracted a lot of attention after turning up in random storage units across the country.


Some of the stranger things that have been found, however, are pretty unbelievable. These include a rocket, rare cars, a live hand grenade and even a human leg severed from its body. Cremated remains of human bodies have also been reportedly found throughout the years, as well as actual dead bodies. The case that takes the cake was probably that of a Florida family that kept their grandmother in a casket inside a storage unit for 17 years after she had passed away.

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The Top 5 Things You Need to Keep Your Boat in Good Condition

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Taking proper care of your boat is essential in the long run, as its surfaces and engine will be exposed to the elements constantly whenever you take it out. As a result, you will need the right items and the best practices for maintenance:


  1. The first things you need will be some basic tools for taking care of the engine. If you’re not very tech savvy, then make sure you still inspect your engine regularly and have someone help you flush it with fresh water after each and every outing.
  2. Cleaning supplies are also very important. Your boat can develop mold easily being exposed to water all the time, so it’s a good idea to use your supplies to keep it clean and dry after each time you take it out to sea.
  3. A few electrician’s tools will also come in handy to make sure the lighting and electric system remains in good condition. Always test them before you take your boat out to make sure there are no loose contacts and that everything is working fine.
  4. Use the right polishes, waxes and coatings to keep all the surfaces on your boat protected from sunlight, rain and salt. Pay special attention to your gelcoat, which has the role of protecting your boat’s underlying fiberglass.
  5. Older boats can have some woodwork that you need to take care of. Most of that woodwork is teak. As a result, teak cleaners, teak oils and polishes designed especially for wood will be very important in this case, since you’ll have to make sure the wood can withstand the elements in the best possible ways.  For winter months be sure to find boat and trailer storage Colorado Springs area to keep them from being weathered during the snowy months.

What Should You Do with Your Boat Once Boating Season Is Over?

Prepare for Winter American boat storage

When boating season is done and it’s time to put away the boat and take care of other things, it’s important to know what you should do with your boat and how you should store it. Typically, most experts like American Storage agree that a thorough cleaning and checkup should be in order, and that you need to cover your boat properly and put it into storage afterwards.


Depending on the system it uses, your boat might not be very resilient when the temperature drops below a certain level. As a result, you have to make sure that you keep it in a place where the temperature fluctuations aren’t too high. A garage would be a good idea, or you could consider using a climate controlled storage unit.


Before putting your boat into storage, make sure you clean, polish and dry off all its surfaces and that you flush the engine with freshwater one last time. Dirt and moisture are a bad mix, and if your boat is left without being tended to for many months, as it might happen during the winter, then you might get some unwanted surprises in the spring, when you want to take your boat out again and check on it.

It Pays to Store Your Boat Inside – What Damages Can You Avoid?

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Boats do well when they’re in the water, but they don’t always do so well when they’re exposed to the elements and the drastic temperature changes that happen during late autumn and winter. Precipitation, freezing weather and fast temperature and weather changes can easily damage your boat, so that it can look and feel worse for wear when spring comes.


It definitely pays to keep your boat inside during the winter, especially if you live in an area where precipitation is heavy and your boat can be buried in snow in just a single night.  Searching for storage units near me for boat storage is a must.


The first enemy that you’ll be fending off by keeping your boat safely tucked away in your garage or inside a storage unit is rust. Boats made mainly out of metal can easily end up rusting if they’re not kept away from rain, snow and ice.


Hail can also be very damaging, especially if you have seats and electronics stored on your boat that can be damaged easily by a passing hail storm.


Finally, the changes in temperature can cause some metals to dilate and contract quite quickly which can lead to both external and internal damage. If you don’t keep your boat away from such temperature fluctuations, you might find that it’ll stop working entirely by the time spring arrives.

How to Find the Best Deals for Your Summer Storage Needs

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Finding the right storage Colorado Springs CO company for summer storage might seem like a straightforward thing to do. However, it’s usually a lot more hassle than it seems, since summer storage needs some added features that not all storage companies can provide.


First of all, you’ll have to know exactly what you want to store and what categories those items will fall into. For instance, if nothing you store is temperature or climate-sensitive, and you’re just looking to unclutter some of your living space without keeping your items out in the open, then one of the cheaper storage units will do. However, if you’re storing chemicals, flammable items, gardening materials or anything that could be damaged in an overly warm space, then you will have to look for a dependable storage company offering climate-controlled, secure units that you can easily access at short notice.


Being able to check on your items is as important as the climate control itself, since you’ll want to be able to make sure that nothing happened to them. For some fragile and expensive items, doing so could help you avoid losing thousands of dollars just by discovering a problem sooner rather than later.


Ultimately, finding the best deals should involve looking for the right storage unit first, and then comparing it with what other (cheaper and more expensive) storage providers can offer. That way you’ll have the best chance to find the most competitive price for what you need specifically.

What Can’t I Store In A Rental Storage Unit?

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Renting a storage unit can be very useful in different circumstances: keeping various seasonal items ready for the next use, minimizing clutter, storing professional or personal belongings during relocations etc. Basically, with a storage unit you can save time and space when you need them most – and that`s the main benefit.

You can store a wide variety of things: sporting equipment, gardening equipment, household items (furniture, books, clothes, kitchen supplies, office supplies, clothes etc.) commercial goods, electronics (TVs, gaming systems, computer equipment etc.) and unplugged appliances.  You can find car storage Colorado Springs area too!

However, it is good to know that some items are not allowed to be stored.


Firearms and ammunition represent particular items, with particular storage requirements that are not provided by a storage renting company.

Hazardous materials

Anything that can catch fire or explode is prohibited: propane, gasoline, chemicals, paint, fireworks etc.

Toxic materials

A storage unit is also not a place for fertilizers, bio waste, radioactive waste or illegal substances.

Food items

Food items (including pet food) are perishable, so they encourage bacteria and attract rodents and bugs, therefore their storage in such units is forbidden.

Living plants and animals

Storage units are designed for non-living things. Nothing that requires food, water and light can be stored there.