How Storage Units Are Climate Controlled

how climate controlled storage works

Climate controlled storage units are spaces of various sizes located in storage facilities that are suitable for storing sensitive items that are vulnerable to changing temperatures and humidity levels and that need protection from dust, mold, mildew, pests and any kind of contamination, such as artwork, electronics, items made from textile, leather, wood or from metals prone to developing rust. The climate controlled storage Colorado Springs spaces offer the ideal environment for these sensitive valuables with the help of advanced systems that include heating, cooling, ventilation and the control of humidity levels. These storage spaces are not only fitted with advanced climate control appliances – they are also located in buildings that use suitable, usually all-around insulation to ensure even better air quality and even better temperature control.

Most commonly, the climate control systems in storage facilities use settings operated centrally and very similar to the conditions encountered in homes. This means that the climate conditions in all the units within the same facility are the same, including the temperature (usually kept in the 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit range), the humidity and the other parameters. To make sure that the circumstances in the building are suitable for your sensitive belongings, always inquire about the applied climate control settings before you rent your unit.

Why All Storage Units Are Not The Same

Why to locate storage unit for needs Colorado Springs

Storage units are not the same because storage needs are very different. In general, a storage unit is a place where people keep various goods.

The classification of deposits is very diverse and is done according to different features.

According to the storage method, there are closed, open and partially closed storage units. They can also be classified by size, set of services provided, type of property, their purpose (distribution, long-term storage, universal, specialized, commercial, industrial, etc.) as well as storage conditions (heating – cooling, ventilation, surveillance etc.).

Some storage units have special floors for heavy equipment, modern fire-fighting systems, the possibility to adjust the humidity, temperature, interior lighting, depending on the type of goods stored. Some are equipped with alarm, security and permanent video surveillance.

Nowadays, storage facilities that provide the entire set of storage services to minimize expenses are becoming increasingly popular, because many individuals and businesses look for optimal storing solutions that maximize their available space resourcefully. Selected the ideal Colorado Springs storage unit for your needs means navigating through all these features and choosing those that suit your needs best. Storage facility managers will help you assess your needs and choose a suitable storage unit that will help you utilize the available space in the best possible way.

3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Storing A Boat

Common Mistakes Storage Near Me Tips

Winter weather is around the corner, and it is time for boat owners to prepare their boats for winter storage. Winterizing your boat is necessary to protect it through the upcoming severe weather and low temperatures and to prevent unpleasant surprises at the end of the off season, such as finding your boat filled with water or in a poor condition caused by storage mistakes.  It is always best to conduct a search and locate storage units near me for convenience and to check up throughout the winter months.

Here are 3 big mistakes you must avoid:

Using travel covers for winter storage

Travel covers are destined to be used in the summer and are constructed in a different manner than winter covers, from materials that are not suitable for winter weather. They have a low pitch and do not utilize heavy-duty wood framed construction, such as winter covers, to be able stand up to heavy snow loads.

Ignoring the upholstery

In the absence of proper maintenance and winterization, your boat’s upholstery will freeze and become very susceptible to damage (cracks) caused by snow loads and improper traffic.

Leaving the boat`s battery connected

Any battery that is left connected while the device/ vehicle it powers is not in use will drain out and die. To keep your battery functional, make sure to disconnect it when you but the boat to storage and fill it up with distilled water.

Some of the Top Places to Take Your RV This Summer

Moving RV Storage After Trip

RV destinations are typically some of the best places you can think of when it comes to taking a vacation during the summer. Some of the following locations are considered to be the most exciting and interesting to visit when you’re taking your RV along for the ride:


  • Acadia National Park is a place of remarkable beauty and a birdwatcher’s paradise in the state of Maine. From hiking and exploring to taking a canoe down the river and choosing a good camping spot, you can do a lot of things that are strictly nature-oriented, while still keeping the luxury and amenities of your RV close by.
  • As far as family vacations go, the Gulf Coast is one of the best destinations you can pick. This excellent summertime destination has a few beautiful RV parks you can choose from, as well as warm waters to enjoy with the kids and a lot to explore in terms of WWII history at places like the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.
  • Every American family that owns an RV should consider visiting South Dakota at least once – and not just because it’s the place where the famous Mt. Rushmore is located. Bear Country USA and the Black Hills National Park are also famous destinations that will surprise you with their amazing, panoramic landscapes, unique and stunning rock formations and impressive array of wildlife.

Be sure to get the best RV storage Colorado Springs has to offer and reserve your spot, so when you are done with your travel for the summer you have a place to store your home away from home.

Should You Pack for the Move Yourself or Hire It Out?

what should i do handwriting pack or hire moving company

If you want to move to a new house, it’s important to know whether you should pack all your items on your own, or hire a moving company to help you out with that. Some movers will help you by default, unless you specify that you don’t need any help. Others will still be able to give you a lot of good advice, even if you opt for a more individualistic approach.


The obvious choice of hiring it out should be reserved for the following scenarios:


  • You have a lot of items and not much time on your hands.
  • Many of the items you want to move are very fragile and/or require special treatment and special packaging.
  • It’s your first time moving to a new house.
  • You don’t have enough helpers to get you through the packing process in enough time.


That being said, if you’re confident that you can pack everything without risking any damage during the move and without wasting too much of your precious time on it, then it’s a good idea to opt to pack for the move yourself – especially if this isn’t your first rodeo.


Regardless of whether you choose to do it yourself or not, however, it’s always a good idea to at least contact your local movers at, ask them about any special prices and services they might have to offer regarding packaging, and inquire about any advice they may be able to give you, to make your move easier.

Are Storage Units Safe for Expensive Furniture?

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Furniture, especially expensive, high-end furniture, is built to last for long years, but it is intended for being used in controlled circumstances, in rooms that are dry and sheltered from the vicissitudes of the weather. Most furnishing items, especially the ones that are made partially or completely from wood, cannot last in damp, excessively cold or hot environments, at least not for long, so if you want to move such items to a storage facility, the best solution is to choose a climate controlled unit. Here are a few things that you should know about the option:

  • The highest level of safety for your valuable furniture – climatized storage units are airtight and equipped with climate control to make sure that no dust, dampness and pests enter the storage unit and to ensure stable temperature, all these features being essential for storing you furnishing items safe from damage;
  • The highest level of security for your expensive furnishing items – if the pieces that you want to move to a storage unit are high-end or antique furnishing items, you surely want to protect them from intruders as well. Most storage facilities are equipped with top-notch security features, including surveillance camera systems and are also protected with human and canine guards.  Get your next move scheduled