Should You Pack for the Move Yourself or Hire It Out?

what should i do handwriting pack or hire moving company

If you want to move to a new house, it’s important to know whether you should pack all your items on your own, or hire a moving company to help you out with that. Some movers will help you by default, unless you specify that you don’t need any help. Others will still be able to give you a lot of good advice, even if you opt for a more individualistic approach.


The obvious choice of hiring it out should be reserved for the following scenarios:


  • You have a lot of items and not much time on your hands.
  • Many of the items you want to move are very fragile and/or require special treatment and special packaging.
  • It’s your first time moving to a new house.
  • You don’t have enough helpers to get you through the packing process in enough time.


That being said, if you’re confident that you can pack everything without risking any damage during the move and without wasting too much of your precious time on it, then it’s a good idea to opt to pack for the move yourself – especially if this isn’t your first rodeo.


Regardless of whether you choose to do it yourself or not, however, it’s always a good idea to at least contact your local movers at, ask them about any special prices and services they might have to offer regarding packaging, and inquire about any advice they may be able to give you, to make your move easier.

Are Storage Units Safe for Expensive Furniture?

safe storage company

Furniture, especially expensive, high-end furniture, is built to last for long years, but it is intended for being used in controlled circumstances, in rooms that are dry and sheltered from the vicissitudes of the weather. Most furnishing items, especially the ones that are made partially or completely from wood, cannot last in damp, excessively cold or hot environments, at least not for long, so if you want to move such items to a storage facility, the best solution is to choose a climate controlled unit. Here are a few things that you should know about the option:

  • The highest level of safety for your valuable furniture – climatized storage units are airtight and equipped with climate control to make sure that no dust, dampness and pests enter the storage unit and to ensure stable temperature, all these features being essential for storing you furnishing items safe from damage;
  • The highest level of security for your expensive furnishing items – if the pieces that you want to move to a storage unit are high-end or antique furnishing items, you surely want to protect them from intruders as well. Most storage facilities are equipped with top-notch security features, including surveillance camera systems and are also protected with human and canine guards.  Get your next move scheduled

How Can I Bid on An Abandoned Storage Unit?

Storage Facilities Auctions Abandoned Unit

One of the major issues that well kept storage facilities in Colorado Springs and other areas are faced with is the loss caused by abandoned storage units – units that have been rented and filled, but for which the renter has not paid the fee for over three months. The standard solution for the problem is to seize the unit with all its contents and to auction the items stored in the unit. If you are interested in this type of treasure hunting, here are some tips for you:

  • Contact the storage facilities in your region – the fastest and easiest way to find out about auctions is by contacting the facilities in your area to ask them about the days when they have live auctions;
  • Be prepared to pay a small fee – while most auctions are free to join, requiring bidders only to pay the price they have bid for, some events, especially the ones offered by large facilities, can be joined for a small fee;
  • Take your time – be prepared that the bidding process will take some of your time, usually 3-4 hours;
  • Have some cash on you – many facilities accept only cash payments for auctioned units, so make sure you have as much cash with you as you can spend on the bid.

Are All Storage Rental Places The Same?

Question Are Storage Units All The Same

Renting a storage unit is an option considered by many people and has become a very profitable business.  Storage rental places allow you to keep your belongings safe even if there is no room for them in your house. It is an excellent way to declutter and also to store your things while you relocate or during a home renovation project.

There are different types of storage units Colorado Springs CO are designed to accommodate most individual needs. They have different names (personal storage, mini storage etc.) and provide various amounts of space, rental periods and features. Security is provided, but it comes in different forms: locks, key card access, code access, security cameras, security guards, door alarms, permanent on-site management etc.

Basically, you can opt for outside storage and indoor storage.

Outside storage is more common, especially for storing vehicles, because they are less affected by the elements than other personal belongings. This type of storage is also more affordable, because it provides only a covered unit, typically partitioned by wire mesh.

On the other hand, indoor storage provides a safe environment for other objects that could not be stored outdoors: furniture, documents, household appliances etc. It is even possible to rent climate controlled units if you need them.


Is It Better To Store A Boat Inside?

Public Boat Storage Is It Worth It

Boats can have many different purposes. Some use them for fishing, for recreational activities, for transportation, while others depend on them because they are essential for their job. Boats, like any passion, require quite a lot of time and attention. They have to be protected and maintained, in order to be used for as long as possible. The most efficient way to protect a boat is to store it somewhere inside like a public storage Colorado Springs area unit or garage, because this is the only way to avoid the risks associated with exposure to the elements.

An effective way to protect it is storing it in a metal container. Renting storage containers offers completely flexible and customizable storage solutions.

This type of garage for a boat is a solid metal construction, very convenient and affordable.  Besides keeping your boat away from damaging factors such as sun exposure, hailstorms, humidity and cold, there are other significant advantages of storing it in a container: first of all, you can keep the boat on private property, without paying rent for a place in a harbor; secondly, it is also convenient because you can perform any cleaning and maintenance operation at your own pace. Any nautical equipment can be stored in these containers.

The Many Benefits of Furniture Sliders When Filling Your Storage Unit

Self Storage Moving Tips

Furniture sliders are an excellent and overall affordable means of getting your furniture to move more easily. Heavy items such as shelves, couches and large cabinets can be hard to move around, and they can make your work more difficult when you plan to load them into your storage unit. But with the help of furniture sliders, you can get the job done faster and with less physical work.


Furniture sliders are special sliders made from a smooth surface that can be placed under your furniture, allowing it to slide more easily across different surfaces. These sliders also have the role of protecting your floors and surfaces, as you can slide the furniture without risking to scratch or damage your flooring in any way.


These sliders work especially well on hardwood flooring, but they also work on metal and other materials. Sliding your furniture into a self storage Colorado Springs area unit will be very easy, and it won’t require much effort to get it properly into place.


The great thing about furniture sliders is that they can eliminate some of the workforce involved in moving heavy furniture items. Even though you might still need two people to move a couch, you won’t have to be as athletic, and in some cases, one person will be enough to move furniture that would normally have required two or three strong individuals.