A Few Quick Fall Cleanup Tips for Busy Homeowners

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Summer is great for fun in the sun, but eventually it comes to an end. As fall sets in, you’ll want to make sure you have some of the main cleanup jobs tackled, as the changing weather can lead to problems you might not have accounted for, especially if you moved to a colder region where the autumn weather is not as forgiving as where you used to live.


Here are a few quick tips to help you deal with your fall cleanup:


  • Shake off the leaves and get them out of the way. Fallen leaves can lead and attract pests throughout your garden and yard, and it’s also a good idea to keep them clear of areas that are somewhat more sensitive.
  • Clean out your attic and roof, and make sure that neither of the two are prone to water damage. A quick inspection of your roof and attic will help you keep everything safe from the autumn rain.
  • Clean your shed and garage and put away all the tools, vehicles and items that are typically used in the summer. You might also need to clear some of the clutter by looking at and renting Colorado Springs storage units and getting a low cost, climate controlled storage unit that can house some of the larger or more sensitive items, vehicles and equipment.

It Pays to Store Your Boat Inside – What Damages Can You Avoid?

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Boats do well when they’re in the water, but they don’t always do so well when they’re exposed to the elements and the drastic temperature changes that happen during late autumn and winter. Precipitation, freezing weather and fast temperature and weather changes can easily damage your boat, so that it can look and feel worse for wear when spring comes.


It definitely pays to keep your boat inside during the winter, especially if you live in an area where precipitation is heavy and your boat can be buried in snow in just a single night.  Searching for storage units near me for boat storage is a must.


The first enemy that you’ll be fending off by keeping your boat safely tucked away in your garage or inside a storage unit is rust. Boats made mainly out of metal can easily end up rusting if they’re not kept away from rain, snow and ice.


Hail can also be very damaging, especially if you have seats and electronics stored on your boat that can be damaged easily by a passing hail storm.


Finally, the changes in temperature can cause some metals to dilate and contract quite quickly which can lead to both external and internal damage. If you don’t keep your boat away from such temperature fluctuations, you might find that it’ll stop working entirely by the time spring arrives.

The Best Practices to Winterize Your RV and Avoid the Need for Spring Repairs

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When the spring comes, you will want to avoid any major repairs to your RV that could cost a lot of money and entail a great deal of hassle. To do so, it’s important to winterize your RV before the winter comes, and comfortably keep it in storage until the cold months of winter blow away.


In order to properly winterize your RV, you have to first ensure that no lingering water remains that can damage its internal structure and systems. Once water freezes inside your RV it can cause a lot of damage. So make sure you have the following points covered:


  • Drain your black and gray water tanks to prevent them from freezing and breeding bacteria.
  • Drain all water lines as well as your water heater.
  • Bypass or remove entirely any water filters that you might have in your RV.


Additionally, it’s good practice to protect all your water lines and plumbing by introducing antifreeze into your RV. After removing all the water and pressurizing the system by closing all faucets, introduce the antifreeze. Use a water pump for pressurization, and then turn on the faucets until you start to see the antifreeze liquid coming out of each fixture. Make sure to repeat the process for both the cold and warm water system.  For safe keeping look to the RV storage Colorado Springs options for indoor climate controlled spaces.

How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage in a Responsible Way

How to prepare boat storage unit winterize

A good boat can be very robust when you take it out to sea, but it can become extremely fragile when left in storage for a long period of time, especially in the winter and in a storage unit or a garage that doesn’t have proper climate control.


The first thing you have to think about is the engine. Depending on the type of engine or motor your boat has, you’ll have to take precautions, such as removing any liquids that might freeze or cause damage and rust to set in.


Keeping your boat covered is very important as well. You don’t want the elements to affect it too much, and you have to make sure it stays dry. So, if you plan to keep your boat in a place that could flood or sustain water damage because of a leaky roof, make sure you use proper covering to prevent water and low temperatures from causing too much damage.


Finally, make sure you hire a reliable boat storage Colorado Springs company to help you find the perfect storage unit. Although you might be fine storing your boat at home, if you want the best possible protection, a properly sized, well-designed, climate-controlled storage unit is your best option.

Should You Pack for the Move Yourself or Hire It Out?

what should i do handwriting pack or hire moving company

If you want to move to a new house, it’s important to know whether you should pack all your items on your own, or hire a moving company to help you out with that. Some movers will help you by default, unless you specify that you don’t need any help. Others will still be able to give you a lot of good advice, even if you opt for a more individualistic approach.


The obvious choice of hiring it out should be reserved for the following scenarios:


  • You have a lot of items and not much time on your hands.
  • Many of the items you want to move are very fragile and/or require special treatment and special packaging.
  • It’s your first time moving to a new house.
  • You don’t have enough helpers to get you through the packing process in enough time.


That being said, if you’re confident that you can pack everything without risking any damage during the move and without wasting too much of your precious time on it, then it’s a good idea to opt to pack for the move yourself – especially if this isn’t your first rodeo.


Regardless of whether you choose to do it yourself or not, however, it’s always a good idea to at least contact your local movers at https://www.american-storage.net/, ask them about any special prices and services they might have to offer regarding packaging, and inquire about any advice they may be able to give you, to make your move easier.