How to Decide What Size Storage Unit You Need

What Should I Do Storage Solutions Picking Right One

When picking a Colorado Springs storage unit to provide a temporary or long-term home for your belongings, one of the most important things to decide is the size of the compartment – a space that is too large will incur unnecessary expenses, while a unit that is too small will not be able to accommodate all your items. Here are some tips about how to get the size right:

  • Determine the function of the storage space – the types and the volume of the items to be moved into the unit will determine the size of the space that you need. If you want to use the space for furniture or for vehicles, you will need a larger unit, while clothes, artwork or archives can fit into smaller units;
  • Make measurements – try to pack your items, then stack them and measure the volume to find out the approximate cubic footage that you need;
  • Be familiar with standard sizes – a 5 feet x 5 feet storage unit is the size of a closet, 5 x 15 units are the size of a large walk-in closet, while 10 x 10 units are roughly the size of half of a one-car garage. Standard sizes can go up to 10 x 30 or even larger.

How To Find Storage Unit Auctions

How to find auctions storage near me

Storage unit auctions are events during which the storage spaces that have been abandoned and for which the rent has not been paid for a certain amount of time are opened and their contents are made available for bidding. The storage near me auctions are exciting, great fun and also great opportunities to find valuable items for cheap. Here is how to find out about such auctions near you:

  • Auction finding websites – there are many specialized websites that you can use to find out about upcoming storage unit auctions. You will be required to enter a zip code, then you can sort upcoming events based on various criteria;
  • Calling local storage unit providers – most facilities organize such events regularly, so if you call them, you will find out about the exact dates and locations of upcoming events;
  • Storage company websites – most facilities also announce upcoming events on their websites.

If you know the date and the place of the auction, don’t just go there with all your cash in your pocket – find out about the conditions for participating in the auction, too. Be prepared that some companies charge a fee for allowing you to bid on the contents of their abandoned units.

How Storage Units Are Climate Controlled

how climate controlled storage works

Climate controlled storage units are spaces of various sizes located in storage facilities that are suitable for storing sensitive items that are vulnerable to changing temperatures and humidity levels and that need protection from dust, mold, mildew, pests and any kind of contamination, such as artwork, electronics, items made from textile, leather, wood or from metals prone to developing rust. The climate controlled storage Colorado Springs spaces offer the ideal environment for these sensitive valuables with the help of advanced systems that include heating, cooling, ventilation and the control of humidity levels. These storage spaces are not only fitted with advanced climate control appliances – they are also located in buildings that use suitable, usually all-around insulation to ensure even better air quality and even better temperature control.

Most commonly, the climate control systems in storage facilities use settings operated centrally and very similar to the conditions encountered in homes. This means that the climate conditions in all the units within the same facility are the same, including the temperature (usually kept in the 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit range), the humidity and the other parameters. To make sure that the circumstances in the building are suitable for your sensitive belongings, always inquire about the applied climate control settings before you rent your unit.

Why All Storage Units Are Not The Same

Why to locate storage unit for needs Colorado Springs

Storage units are not the same because storage needs are very different. In general, a storage unit is a place where people keep various goods.

The classification of deposits is very diverse and is done according to different features.

According to the storage method, there are closed, open and partially closed storage units. They can also be classified by size, set of services provided, type of property, their purpose (distribution, long-term storage, universal, specialized, commercial, industrial, etc.) as well as storage conditions (heating – cooling, ventilation, surveillance etc.).

Some storage units have special floors for heavy equipment, modern fire-fighting systems, the possibility to adjust the humidity, temperature, interior lighting, depending on the type of goods stored. Some are equipped with alarm, security and permanent video surveillance.

Nowadays, storage facilities that provide the entire set of storage services to minimize expenses are becoming increasingly popular, because many individuals and businesses look for optimal storing solutions that maximize their available space resourcefully. Selected the ideal Colorado Springs storage unit for your needs means navigating through all these features and choosing those that suit your needs best. Storage facility managers will help you assess your needs and choose a suitable storage unit that will help you utilize the available space in the best possible way.

You Won’t Want To Make These Mistakes This Winter If You Own An RV

Do's and Don'ts RV storage winter time

Most RV owners are now ready to store their vehicles for the winter. Some of them may not know that there are mistakes they can make that could cost them money down the road.  Find great RV storage Colorado Springs tips:

  1. Not draining the hot water heater tank

Many RV owners think that pulling the drain plus is enough, but actually they must also open the pressure pop-off valve, to get the job properly done. If you ignore this last operation, there will still be remaining water in there, which will freeze and cause problems.

  1. Using antifreeze directly into the fresh water tank

Yes, winter temperatures are a problem. Yes, antifreeze is very helpful, but instead of pouring it into the water tank, you should purchase a three-way valve from an RV dealer, to bypass the freshwater tank.

  1. Exaggerating when using antifreeze

Using too much antifreeze is a mistake, and the size of your rig is not an indicator of how much antifreeze you will have to use. Specialists recommend two gallons, regardless the size of an RV.

  1. Pay particular attention to the grey and black water tanks

You will have to treat them before draining them, to make sure you get rid of leftovers and prevent bad odors in the spring. As such, before temperatures go below the freezing point, fill your grey and back water tanks with fresh water, add the regular chemicals and allow it to sit for a couple of weeks before performing the complete drainage operations.