Benefits of RV Storage at American Storage in Colorado Springs

June 21, 2022


Storing an RV on your property is not always possible because it is quite difficult to have or free up this amount of space.

In order to protect it and be able to enjoy your RV as much as possible, it is good to consider parking it in a garage, tent or hall, or at least under a roof, if it is not possible to store it in an enclosure.

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the exterior of your RV, which will probably show signs of aging fairly quickly if the vehicle is not placed under a protective roof. These marks appear mainly on the roof of your RV where the paint will start to fade. The sun will also affect the tires and gaskets, elements that will begin to stiffen and crack, so that water infiltration may occur eventually. Hail, snow and rain may also affect the outer surface of your recreational vehicle.

Protecting it from these environmental factors in an RV storage Colorado Springs from American Storage helps your RV maintain its nice appearance and extends its lifespan.

In addition, your RV will be safe in a monitored, clean and maintained facility. You will benefit from paved parking and gated access, as well as from full propane refill services so that your RV will be set out for the open road whenever you need it.


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