How to Choose the Right Features for Colorado Springs Storage Units

April 21, 2022

storage unit climate controlled american


If you want to get proper results when storing your belongings even temporarily in a self storage unit, you have to be very cautious. Knowing how to select the right features for your unit will pay off, but you will need to consider some definite points on how to approach the matter:


  1. Choose climate control units with American Storage of Colorado Springs if you have sensitive equipment or electronics that can easily be damaged by excess humidity. It might also be necessary to ensure that the storage compartment is water tight or that it forms a Faraday cage that won’t allow your equipment to be damaged by lightning or residual electricity during thunder storms.
  2. The lock you choose for your storage unit should be both sturdy and designed according to the latest advanced standards. Some locks might be made of the sturdiest metals, but they lack adequate mechanisms or electronic locking features that would make them more  secure. Depending on how valuable your cargo might be, it could be a good idea to spend a little extra on your lock to make sure it’s of an adequate level of quality.
  3. Choose the right size and shape. In some cases, such as when storing unique vehicles like RVs, trucks or boats, you might find that a regular size and shape won’t cut it for your storage unit. Instead, you’ll have to give your storage provider some accurate measurements and ask them if they have any storage units that fit those measurements comfortably, yet are not large enough to account for an excessive monthly payment.

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