What is a Self Storage Unit?

November 18, 2021

Self Storage Unit What Are They

A self storage unit can be rented from different facilities, whenever you need an extension of your home or your garage. There are many common situations when people rent self storage units, including:

  • Home renovation projects – these projects typically create a lot of clutter and chaos in and around the house, so the last thing you need is to worry about protecting your belongings and keep them organized. A self storage unit is ideal in this case.
  • Moving or office relocation – A self storage unit can be used as a temporary home, until you can move your belongings to your new location.
  • College storage – For many students, lugging their belongings home for the summer and then back in their dorm room when once school starts again can be expensive and complicated. Renting a self storage unit near their campus is much more convenient.

Self storage is not just for furniture and other things in your house; it is also for all kinds of vehicles, from cars and trucks, to recreational vehicles (vans, boats etc.).

There are different self storage Colorado Springs unit sizes you can choose from, according to the volume of your stuff to be stored. Additionally, some units are equipped with extra features, such as temperature and moisture control , which makes them suitable for storing even the most sensitive things, such as artworks, musical instruments, and so on.

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