3 Tips to Choose the Most Secure Colorado Springs Storage Units

October 21, 2021

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Some of the most important features of a storage unit are related to protection and security. Regardless the things they store, people want to keep them safe, otherwise paying for keeping them would be useless.

You will find many storage facilities in Colorado Springs, so here are 3 tips to choose the most secure option.

Controlled Access

Self-storage units that feature digitally controlled access are some of the best choice, because only authorized individuals can access them; additionally, the access is limited to the floor the unit is located. When you rent a unit with digitally controlled access, you will get a key code that you can share only with people you can fully trust.

Door alarms and video surveillance

You may also want to choose a storage near me facility that provides individual door alarms for every storage unit, as well as 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring by trained staff. This way, managers are immediately alerted should an event occur.

Defined access hours

Although moving or downsizing is not always a timely process, it is recommended to choose a storage facility with limited access hours, as they tend to be safer (typically, these are the ones equipped with security systems that turn on once the access hours are over).

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