How Secure Is A Storage Unit In Colorado Springs?

August 26, 2021

secure storage units moving

Before renting a storage unit in Colorado Springs, you should know that storage facilities do provide security options, but some simply offer more options than others.  Like with anything convenience makes a difference so looking for storage units near me is advised.

Here are the security features you should talk about with the management, in order to know exactly what they are offering.

  • Access

Some storage facilities are gated – you can enter only if you have a card or a code. Others have a guard, supervising the access 24/7 and/ or alarms. Either way, make sure the facility also has a visitor record system.

  • Locking mechanisms

A lock is the basic security any storage unit should have. Just make sure that locking mechanism is solid enough and cannot be cut off/ picked up with specific tools.

  • Lighting

Proper lighting is important to prevent strangers from lurking in the shadows and waiting for the moment to break into some units and steel things.

  • Surveillance cameras

A permanent surveillance system, properly installed and fully functional is a great feature of a storage unit facility. Just make sure the surveillance recordings are saved and kept somewhere safe, especially if you plan to rent a unit in the long run and to visit it rarely.

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