Do You Need An Air-Conditioned Storage Unit For A Car?

August 20, 2021

storage unit vehicle controlled unit

Storage units are great options for keeping safe all those things you cannot store in the house or somewhere else on your property. You can even rent a storage unit for your car.

Is there any difference between a regular storage unit and a vehicle storage unit?

When it comes to storing a car, you typically have two options: renting a parking space (covered or non-covered), or renting a vehicle storage Colorado Springs offers within a facility that provides car storage options with appropriate dimensions and adequate access + garage-style doors.

These indoor storage units can also vary when it comes to features, one of the most important being the climate control. But considering that the vast majority of cars survive outdoors or in non-climate controlled environments, it is perfectly normal to ask yourself: “Do I really need an air-conditioned storage unit for my car?”

Well, changing temperatures can indeed affect your vehicle. Cold weather may deflate tires, cause battery and oil issues, as well as wiper woes, but hot temperatures may also take their toll (oxidation and paint peeling etc.). So, storing your car in a climate controlled environment, where the temperature will be constant year-round and there will be no humidity issues either, can be a great option, especially if you own a luxury/ collection car.



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