What Is The Average Size Dimension Of A Boat Storage Unit

July 28, 2021

Quality, efficiency and cost boat storage units controlled quality

When you own a boat, one of your concerns should be keeping it in a safe place, while you are not using it. Luckily, that`s why storage units have been made for.

There are many different types of storage facilities, and some of them offer storage units suitable for boats and other recreational vehicles. Obviously, these units are bigger than regular ones, but the sizes still vary (in  height, width and depth), which is good, because you can choose the right unit size for your vehicle, which will prevent you from spending money for a space that you do not use to its full capacity.

Typically, the minimum size of a unit storing an RV is 12 feet, and the maximum depth is 45-50 feet, but for some boats, you may just need a 10×20 or 10×30 storage unit. On the other hand, for larger racing/ cruising sailboats, you will probably have to consider a 20×40 space.

If you wonder about the money you will have to pay on average for boat storage Colorado Springs unit, it is good to know that the cheapest units will ensure you a spot, but the most expensive ones will include better security, regular maintenance (cleaning, making necessary repairs, winterizing the boat etc..) and even climate control.


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