Can You Store An Auto Or RV At Any Storage Unit?

July 22, 2021

RV Storage Units Outdoor spaces


Storage units are great options for people who do not have enough room in their homes for all their belongings, as well as for businesses that use them to run operations and store inventory. Nowadays, they are increasingly popular and come with a wide variety of features you can choose from, to accommodate your particular needs.

You cannot store an auto or recreational vehicle at any storage facility, because some of them only provide smaller units, but there are facilities out there able to offer you adequate space for storing such large items; you just need to search for them and discuss your needs with the owners/ administrators, in terms of space, convenience, security and general affordability.

There are facilities providing indoor and/ or outdoor (covered or non-covered) storage options for different types of vehicles. Indoor units are the most expensive, but they provide the best levels of protection and security. They are garage-like spaces that may accommodate anything from a regular compact car to a cargo van or a large pickup truck.

These are some typical sizes of RV storage Colorado Springs units, when it comes to accommodating auto and RVs:

  • 10×15 (suitable for compact cars)
  • 10×20 (suitable for Sedans, SUVs, pickups and vans)
  • 10×25 (suitable for class B RVs)
  • 10x35/45 (suitable for class A RVs)


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