How Much Does It Cost To Build A Storage Unit?

June 18, 2021

how much storage units cost

The storage unit industry is growing, because more and more people realize how convenient and affordable renting a unit actually is.

If you are interested in opening your own storage facility, one of the main things you are interested in is surely related to the cost of building Colorado Springs storage units.

In this regard, you must take into account that fact that the cost of building a storage unit actually starts with land costs. You must estimate the size of the parcel you will need for your facility (for example, 2-3 acres will allow you to build a 40,000 square feet facility. You may have to work with a specialist in order to make the correct estimates.

The type of storage units you plan to offer for rent also matters a lot when it comes to calculating their production costs. For example, a regular storage unit can be up to 60% cheaper than a climate controlled unit. On the other hand, a climate controlled unit is expected to bring you much higher ROI. Security additions for indoor units can also increase the costs significantly.

Costs will also depend on the region and the construction materials.  They can be quite affordable for simple, steel facilities, with up to 20 units, but if you think about amenity-filled storage units, you will have to make a much higher investment.

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