How To Best Organize Your Storage Unit

June 11, 2021

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Renting a storage unit is a convenient option for people in need of more temporary or long-term space for their belongings. This solution is frequently used during a move or a home renovation, but also for storing indefinitely different things that people no longer use, but do not want to throw away either, even if they do not have enough room for them in their homes.

When you rent a storage near me unit, you must organize it as best as possible, to be able to find your things easily and also to use the available space to the maximum and avoid paying for more. That’s why, in order to best organize your storage unit, you will first have to sort and pack your things efficiently.

  • Create a list with your inventory. Large objects, such as furniture or home appliances, are easy to remember, but when it comes to smaller items, it becomes very easy to forget every little thing you have stored.
  • Take photos and create a map indicating where your belongings are placed, inside the unit.
  • For easier identification, store your things inside of transparent boxes. However, if all you have are cardboard boxes, make sure you label them and detail their content
  • Maximize your available space. Use shelving and store things vertically, as much as you can. Also, if possible, disassemble large objects and place them towards the back of the unit.


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