What You Should Know About Self Storage Insurance

May 27, 2021

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Many people turn to self storage Colorado Springs options these days, because they are affordable and user-friendly service, created to accommodate various storage needs. Whether you need a long-term storage unit to keep some of your things that you no longer use or do not have room for, or rent a storage unit to help you while remodeling or moving, you should know that you will probably need insurance for your stored goods, as most storage facilities require it.

If you are unsure about where you can get self storage insurance, or how much coverage you will need, here is some information that you will likely find useful.

First, you should understand that insurance is something you can benefit from; it is a precaution to make sure that you are covered if an unwanted event occurs. Most facilities might provide their clients automated storage options (like the ones available at KIOSK) or could offer different levels of protection in the form of controlled access, security cameras, climate control inside the units, etc., and have insurance that covers their liability. However, you are still not fully protected when it comes to dangers unrelated to facility upkeep (e.g. natural disasters), so you should be prepared with your own insurance policy.

Check your homeowner insurance or renter insurance, as these may cover your stored goods, at least for a limited time. If they don`t, you should purchase a separate policy. Ideally, it should cover as many risks as possible, especially if you store valuable things.

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