What Does It Mean When A Storage Unit Is Climate Controlled?

May 13, 2021

storage today climate controlled safety sensitive items

Your home or office is full and you have no more room for your belongings? Then it might be the time to choose a suitable storage solution for your needs and get rid of all those things that you do not use permanently but are not ready to get rid of them either.

Offers for storage units come in many different forms to accommodate different types of goods, and some are climate controlled. Although they can be more expensive, climate controlled storage Colorado Springs units are ideal for storing sensitive items that can be adversely affected by temperature or humidity.

For example, such a unit will prevent wooden items from warping, shrinking or cracking, leather and fabrics from yellowing or degrading and metal items from rusting and corroding. Besides, controlled temperature and humidity eliminate problems associated with mildew, mold, and pests.

A climate controlled storage unit is the best choice for a few categories of objects and goods:

  • Electronics & Media – Computers, cameras, gaming systems, speakers, stereos, photos, records, film reels, film negatives etc.
  • Furniture (wooden, leather, upholstered)
  • Artwork
  • Collectibles (antiques, art etc.)
  • Documents, books, newspapers and other paper-based items
  • Musical Instruments (percussion, string, brass instruments)

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