What Are The Best Types Of Locks For A Storage Unit

April 6, 2021

mini storage lock types tips

The so-called "normal" or "usual" padlocks, which can be found in any store, have a simple construction and cost little; they are used to limit random or occasional access to a controlled perimeter and work great for the mini storage Colorado Springs offers.

On the other hand, security locks should stop unauthorized people from entering a protected area - these are the ones you need to pay attention to, in order to protect your storage unit, especially if you have valuable things in there. Security locks cannot be opened or broken, so you can opt for one of the following solutions:

  • The ABUS Granite 37RK / 80 padlock was created in Germany. It has a massive construction - 0.9kg and 80 millimeters wide. Its handles have hard steel protection, and the core is formed of a cylinder with ABUS-Plus disc, a unique construction, which makes this padlock very, very difficult to break.
  • Abloy PL362 is one of the strongest locks on the market. It has an imposing construction - 1.3 kg and a 15mm diameter handle, made of boron hardened steel, which offers the highest level of security and protection. For high security applications, the keys can only be duplicated with the initial authorization of the buyers or with the key registration card.
  • ASSA RUKO 4-5 is another security lock that has an extremely strong core - ASSA Twin Maximum. Once locked, it is very difficult to act on the handle in an attempt to cut it.

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