Where Is It Legal to Park An RV

March 26, 2021

An RV is a large recreational vehicle that includes not only a cabin with seating, but also living quarters suitable for being used as accommodation – a great vehicle for a comfortable road trip.

RVs come in many forms, including motorhomes, truck campers and campervans, one of the things common for all types being special parking regulations. In most cities, RVs are not allowed to park overnight on residential streets, but there are cities that allow RVs to park overnight if the owner obtains a special permit. These permits usually come for a fee the value of which varies from city to city. Some cities also have special regulations for parking RVs in rest stops, while others permit RVs to park for free in such rest areas.

To be sure that your next road trip will not be ruined by parking fines, you should plan your itinerary carefully and check the RV parking regulations in the towns and cities where you are planning to stop for the night and it is a good idea to find out about areas where you can park your RV for free for an entire night. Also check the parking rates for your type of RV and the permitting regulations applicable.  Once home, secure RV storage Colorado Springs area for optimal storage.

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