Can Storage Units Be Searched?

January 28, 2021

Storage units are useful in many ways, from giving you the space to move unused toys, clothes, appliances, artwork, even furniture out of your home to declutter to moving the contents of your entire home for the time that you are transitioning to a new house. However, you must know that you should only store legal items, items that are permitted by American Storage facility’s and others regulations and items that are in your possession legally. Here are some things that you should know about:

  • The police can open your storage unit – if the police decides that they need to search the storage unit that is rented on your name because of an ongoing investigation, they can obtain a search warrant and open your unit to check its contents;
  • Your storage unit can also be opened if you are suspected to store unsuitable things inside – storage facilities have very specific regulations about what can and cannot be stored in their units. Perishable items, animals and plants, items that emanate strong smells, flammable or combustible items, other types of hazardous materials cannot be stored in storage facilities – if you are suspected to have such items in your unit and the authorities are alerted, your unit can be opened and searched.

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