How to Decide What Size Storage Unit You Need

January 21, 2021

When picking a Colorado Springs storage unit to provide a temporary or long-term home for your belongings, one of the most important things to decide is the size of the compartment – a space that is too large will incur unnecessary expenses, while a unit that is too small will not be able to accommodate all your items. Here are some tips about how to get the size right:

  • Determine the function of the storage space – the types and the volume of the items to be moved into the unit will determine the size of the space that you need. If you want to use the space for furniture or for vehicles, you will need a larger unit, while clothes, artwork or archives can fit into smaller units;
  • Make measurements – try to pack your items, then stack them and measure the volume to find out the approximate cubic footage that you need;
  • Be familiar with standard sizes – a 5 feet x 5 feet storage unit is the size of a closet, 5 x 15 units are the size of a large walk-in closet, while 10 x 10 units are roughly the size of half of a one-car garage. Standard sizes can go up to 10 x 30 or even larger.

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