You Won’t Want To Make These Mistakes This Winter If You Own An RV

December 21, 2020

Most RV owners are now ready to store their vehicles for the winter. Some of them may not know that there are mistakes they can make that could cost them money down the road.  Find great RV storage Colorado Springs tips:

  1. Not draining the hot water heater tank

Many RV owners think that pulling the drain plus is enough, but actually they must also open the pressure pop-off valve, to get the job properly done. If you ignore this last operation, there will still be remaining water in there, which will freeze and cause problems.

  1. Using antifreeze directly into the fresh water tank

Yes, winter temperatures are a problem. Yes, antifreeze is very helpful, but instead of pouring it into the water tank, you should purchase a three-way valve from an RV dealer, to bypass the freshwater tank.

  1. Exaggerating when using antifreeze

Using too much antifreeze is a mistake, and the size of your rig is not an indicator of how much antifreeze you will have to use. Specialists recommend two gallons, regardless the size of an RV.

  1. Pay particular attention to the grey and black water tanks

You will have to treat them before draining them, to make sure you get rid of leftovers and prevent bad odors in the spring. As such, before temperatures go below the freezing point, fill your grey and back water tanks with fresh water, add the regular chemicals and allow it to sit for a couple of weeks before performing the complete drainage operations.

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