3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Storing A Boat

December 4, 2020

Winter weather is around the corner, and it is time for boat owners to prepare their boats for winter storage. Winterizing your boat is necessary to protect it through the upcoming severe weather and low temperatures and to prevent unpleasant surprises at the end of the off season, such as finding your boat filled with water or in a poor condition caused by storage mistakes. It is always best to conduct a search and locate storage units near me for convenience and to check up throughout the winter months.

Here are 3 big mistakes you must avoid:

Using travel covers for winter storage

Travel covers are destined to be used in the summer and are constructed in a different manner than winter covers, from materials that are not suitable for winter weather. They have a low pitch and do not utilize heavy-duty wood-framed construction, such as winter covers, to be able to stand up to heavy snow loads.

Ignoring the upholstery

In the absence of proper maintenance and winterization, your boat's upholstery will freeze and become very susceptible to damage (cracks) caused by snow loads and improper traffic.

Leaving the boat`s battery connected

Any battery that is left connected while the device/ vehicle it powers is not in use will drain out and die. To keep your battery functional, make sure to disconnect and remove it from the boat. For storing your battery, you can put it into a container and fill it up with distilled water. You may need to buy distilled water in large volumes because of the size of the battery. You can make sure that the battery has been submerged in the water.

Distilled water is more common for storing various things than other fluids. Due to the absence of minerals and dissolved salts in the distilled water as compared to tap water, it could become a perfect choice for such processes.

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