The Best Practices to Winterize Your RV and Avoid the Need for Spring Repairs

September 10, 2020

When the spring comes, you will want to avoid any major repairs to your RV that could cost a lot of money and entail a great deal of hassle. To do so, it’s important to winterize your RV before the winter comes, and comfortably keep it in storage until the cold months of winter blow away.

In order to properly winterize your RV, you have to first ensure that no lingering water remains that can damage its internal structure and systems. Once water freezes inside your RV it can cause a lot of damage. So make sure you have the following points covered:

  • Drain your black and gray water tanks to prevent them from freezing and breeding bacteria.
  • Drain all water lines as well as your water heater.
  • Bypass or remove entirely any water filters that you might have in your RV.

Additionally, it’s good practice to protect all your water lines and plumbing by introducing antifreeze into your RV. After removing all the water and pressurizing the system by closing all faucets, introduce the antifreeze. Use a water pump for pressurization, and then turn on the faucets until you start to see the antifreeze liquid coming out of each fixture. Make sure to repeat the process for both the cold and warm water system.  For safe keeping look to the RV storage Colorado Springs options for indoor climate controlled spaces.

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