Should You Pack for the Move Yourself or Hire It Out?

August 27, 2020

If you want to move to a new house, it's important to know whether you should pack all your items on your own, or hire a moving company like the ones similar to Stanton Moving Company to help you out with that. Some movers will help you by default unless you specify that you don't need any help. Others will still be able to give you a lot of good advice, even if you opt for a more individualistic approach.

The obvious choice of hiring it out should be reserved for the following scenarios:

  • You have a lot of items and not much time on your hands.
  • Many of the items you want to move are very fragile and/or require special treatment and special packaging.
  • It's your first time moving to a new house.
  • You don't have enough helpers to get you through the packing process in enough time.

That being said, if you're confident that you can pack everything without risking any damage during the move and without wasting too much of your precious time on it, then it's a good idea to opt to pack for the move yourself – especially if this isn't your first rodeo.

Regardless of whether you choose to do it yourself or not, however, it's always a good idea to at least contact your local movers at, ask them about any special prices and services they might have to offer regarding packaging and inquire about any advice they may be able to give you, to make your move easier.

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