How Do You Know How Big a Truck You Need to Move Your Items

August 20, 2020

When you’re moving to a new home, knowing the size of the truck and storage compartment you’ll need to move your items is an essential thing, especially when you’re moving far away. In some cases, making two or more trips can be detrimental or expensive, and it can also end up making you waste a lot of unnecessary time.

The first step is to figure out the number of cubic feet of space you’ll need for the move. Depending on the sizes and number of your boxes, as well as your furniture and appliances, you can calculate this number quite easily. These days there are also online moving calculators to help you determine the size in a more precise way.

You also have to ask yourself how the items could fit together, whether or not you’ll be moving a lot of fragile items or vehicles, and whether or not your budget can handle a larger truck size. Also, do you have any oversized items that will require special treatment?

The easiest way to decide is when you’re stuck between two sizes. In that case, always pick the larger one, since the smaller truck could entail a risk that you’ll fall short of the space you need.  Many of the best storage units Colorado Springs has to rent will be able to help you figure out which unit will suit your needs.



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