Storage warehouse climate control units blue

The standard storage units available from storage space providers are not airtight, but most storage unit companies offer a wide range of units to rent, airtight compartments included. Airtight units are the top of the range – here are the benefits offered by airtight storage units:

  • Stable climate – sensitive objects can be severely impacted by changing climate conditions. Airtight units eliminate the risk not only by preventing the penetration of rain and snow from the outside, but also by maintaining the temperature and the humidity of the air inside the container at stable levels.  Storage places have climate controlled storage Colorado Springs area so there is no need to worry;
  • Protection from pests – insects, rodents and birds can make their way through the tiniest hole or gap and they can cause lots of property damage. With airtight units, you can be sure that no such pests can find their way inside your compartment;
  • Enhanced security – airtight units are mostly used for valuable and sensitive items that need not only a stable climate, but the highest level of security as well. Storage space providers are aware of such requirements, therefore most of their airtight units are fitted with surveillance cameras and they also benefit from standard security features, such as human guards and perimeter fencing.