What Can’t I Store In A Rental Storage Unit?

June 29, 2020

Renting a storage unit can be very useful in different circumstances: keeping various seasonal items ready for the next use, minimizing clutter, storing professional or personal belongings during relocations, etc. Basically, with a storage unit you can save time and space when you need them most – and that`s the main benefit.

You can store a wide variety of things: sporting equipment, gardening equipment, household items (furniture, books, clothes, kitchen supplies, office supplies, clothes, etc.) commercial goods, electronics (TVs, gaming systems, computer equipment, etc.), and unplugged appliances.  You can find car storage Colorado Springs area too!

However, it is good to know that some items are not allowed to be stored.


Firearms and ammunition represent particular items, with particular storage requirements that are not provided by a storage renting company.

Hazardous materials

Anything that can catch fire or explode is prohibited: propane, gasoline, chemicals, paint, fireworks, etc.

Toxic materials

A storage unit is also not a place for fertilizers, bio waste, radioactive waste, or illegal substances.

Food items

Food items (including pet food) are perishable, so they encourage bacteria and attract rodents and bugs, therefore their storage in such units is forbidden.

Living plants and animals

Storage units are designed for non-living things. Nothing that requires food, water, and light can be stored there.

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