Why Is Labeling Your Boxes in Storage a Good Idea?

May 28, 2020

Keeping a detailed inventory of what you put into storage is not only a good idea, but it can be quite crucial if you want to protect your items in an efficient way. Labeling your boxes will help a lot, since not only will it assist you in organizing your storage unit in a better way, but also discourage anyone from stealing a box and hoping nobody notices.

The process is quite simple: make a written inventory of everything you have inside your boxes, label each box with a couple of words describing the contents (for instance, “Electronic Gadgets” or “Aromatherapy Supplies”), then set them in place and take pictures of them, so you have evidence that the boxes were placed there in a certain order and in the configuration that you’ve chosen.

The benefits of this course of action can be quite impressive. Aside from knowing immediately if something was stolen, you can also find an item you need right away, rearrange your boxes if needed, and check on fragile items without much difficulty.

You’ll find that organizing and labeling your boxes will also allow you to safely remove them without worrying that a heavy box might fall on top of a fragile one. That’s a big plus if you hire people with Colorado Springs storage to help you move your boxes to the new home since not everyone will treat them as carefully as you would.

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