Why Is It a Good Idea to Use Storage Shelves in Your Storage Unit?

May 18, 2020

Having a storage unit gives you a lot of space for storing just about anything you want. However, the space inside even the largest units is quite limited, and in some cases, establishing a practical arrangement for your boxes can help you save a lot of space (and money).

Most people just put their larger pieces of furniture wherever they can and set up their boxes on or around them. This is a fairly good way of storing your items, since some pieces of furniture, like couches and recliners, are fitted with padding or soft cushions that can prevent items from breaking if they fall off a shelf or a taller furniture item. However, this configuration is not stable, and the real damage can be seen if the unit is moved or if there is an earthquake.

Storage shelves will allow you to organize your storage space more efficiently. By placing shelves on one side of the unit and setting your boxes on the shelves, you will be able to stabilize them more easily and find a storage layout that works better for protecting your fragile items.

You’ll find you will have even more available space for storing your furniture on the other side of your storage unit, and you might even save money by avoiding having to rent an additional Colorado Springs Storage unit due to a shortage of available space.

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