Do You Need Renters Insurance for Things You Store in Your Storage Unit?

May 11, 2020

If you have a storage unit, renter’s insurance is a great thing to have. Even though the risks of the unit being broken into and your stuff being stolen are not really that high, there are other potential threats that need to be considered. Fires, water damage during floods, and damage from excessive heat or cold when the climate control system malfunctions can all be covered by your renter’s insurance if you pay for that level of coverage.

Of course, renter’s insurance isn’t without its flaws. A limit of 10% is usually associated with most premiums, which means you’ll only get 10% in compensation, if you lose all your belongings or if everything is damaged beyond repair.

Ultimately, however, a limited insurance policy is better than nothing. You’ll hear that from many American Storage experts who agree that, while spending more money on getting better features with your storage unit can be a good idea, you can never account for all the things that could go wrong. As a result, instead of just relying on fancy metal doors, advanced electronic sensors, and large locks, you’re better off also investing in renter’s insurance, so you can make sure that you don’t run into any unexpected and unwanted developments.

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