Is Using Storage for Your Business Really a Good Idea?

April 30, 2020

Using your home as the main headquarters for your business isn’t considered such a good idea by most experts. The home is an area where you typically want to relax, play games with your kids and think about what your next move will be once you do some redecorating. Items, files, and equipment you use for business will usually have no place there, and your spouse might even get angry that you keep it in the house and take up space with it.

A novel idea that works for some is to rent out a storage unit and run their businesses from there. Although it sounds unconventional, it actually works in some cases, as long as you know that the business you’re trying to start or grow can actually be run from a storage unit.

The first thing you have to keep track of is legality. Check the laws in your state and local area to see what types of businesses (if any) you can actually run from a storage unit. Then ask the storage company if you’re allowed to do that and what the restrictions are.

Typically, delivery services, businesses based entirely around working on a computer, video and photography studios and much more can be safely handled from a storage unit. However, you might want to find a storage provider that doesn’t have such strict rules about what they allow to happen inside their storage containers.  When searching for storage near me it is always good to include the city to which you will be moving to.

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