How to Prepare Your Boat for Winter Storage in a Responsible Way

How to prepare boat storage unit winterize

A good boat can be very robust when you take it out to sea, but it can become extremely fragile when left in storage for a long period of time, especially in the winter and in a storage unit or a garage that doesn’t have proper climate control.


The first thing you have to think about is the engine. Depending on the type of engine or motor your boat has, you’ll have to take precautions, such as removing any liquids that might freeze or cause damage and rust to set in.


Keeping your boat covered is very important as well. You don’t want the elements to affect it too much, and you have to make sure it stays dry. So, if you plan to keep your boat in a place that could flood or sustain water damage because of a leaky roof, make sure you use proper covering to prevent water and low temperatures from causing too much damage.


Finally, make sure you hire a reliable boat storage Colorado Springs company to help you find the perfect storage unit. Although you might be fine storing your boat at home, if you want the best possible protection, a properly sized, well-designed, climate-controlled storage unit is your best option.

How Do You Know How Big a Truck You Need to Move Your Items

moving truck to storage units local move

When you’re moving to a new home, knowing the size of the truck and storage compartment you’ll need to move your items is an essential thing, especially when you’re moving far away. In some cases, making two or more trips can be detrimental or expensive, and it can also end up making you waste a lot of unnecessary time.


The first step is to figure out the number of cubic feet of space you’ll need for the move. Depending on the sizes and number of your boxes, as well as your furniture and appliances, you can calculate this number quite easily. These days there are also online moving calculators to help you determine the size in a more precise way.


You also have to ask yourself how the items could fit together, whether or not you’ll be moving a lot of fragile items or vehicles, and whether or not your budget can handle a larger truck size. Also, do you have any oversized items that will require special treatment?


The easiest way to decide is when you’re stuck between two sizes. In that case, always pick the larger one, since the smaller truck could entail a risk that you’ll fall short of the space you need.  Many of the best storage units Colorado Springs has to rent will be able to help you figure out which unit will suit your needs.



Avoid Perishables and Flammable Items: What Not to Keep in Long Term Storage

mini storage no perishables

A lot of the time, when you’re planning to store items long term, the mini storage Colorado Springs representatives will draw your attention to a list of items that you should avoid storing. This is typically to avoid having to clean and repair storage units that are damaged by decomposing perishables or flammable items that could easily cause a fire.


However, aside from these items, there are also others you have to avoid keeping in storage, not because of the damage that they could cause to the unit itself, but because of how they can damage your other belongings over time.


Some chemicals, such as fuel oils and the acids found in batteries are good examples of this. Although some of these are not likely to be too dangerous, they can end up damaging other items you store them with, especially on a long term basis.


Moist and scented items are the same, and the added moisture can also facilitate the formation of mold and mildew, which could spell disaster for any furniture items you might be storing.


Finally, avoid placing high value, sensitive and fragile items in tightly packed storage compartments. Over time, environmental stressors or earthquakes could lead to them being easily damaged or broken as a result of a fall, or if another item falls on top of them.

Are Storage Units Airtight?

Storage warehouse climate control units blue

The standard storage units available from storage space providers are not airtight, but most storage unit companies offer a wide range of units to rent, airtight compartments included. Airtight units are the top of the range – here are the benefits offered by airtight storage units:

  • Stable climate – sensitive objects can be severely impacted by changing climate conditions. Airtight units eliminate the risk not only by preventing the penetration of rain and snow from the outside, but also by maintaining the temperature and the humidity of the air inside the container at stable levels.  Storage places have climate controlled storage Colorado Springs area so there is no need to worry;
  • Protection from pests – insects, rodents and birds can make their way through the tiniest hole or gap and they can cause lots of property damage. With airtight units, you can be sure that no such pests can find their way inside your compartment;
  • Enhanced security – airtight units are mostly used for valuable and sensitive items that need not only a stable climate, but the highest level of security as well. Storage space providers are aware of such requirements, therefore most of their airtight units are fitted with surveillance cameras and they also benefit from standard security features, such as human guards and perimeter fencing.

Are Storage Units Open 24 Hours?

Storage 24/7

Some storage space providers work with opening hours similar to office hours, but many companies such as American Storage have realized the importance of providing their customers round the clock access to the rented unit, so finding a storage company that is open 24/7 is easy these days. Here are the benefits of renting a storage unit that you can access whenever you want:

  • Round the clock security surveillance – most storage unit providers equip their facility with multiple security features, using human guards, dogs as well as surveillance through security cameras;
  • Access to your rented unit whenever you want – most of us have hectic schedules that do not allow us to leave our work or other duties during standard office hours. The storage facilities that offer round the clock access to rented compartments are great for us, busy people, because they grant access to the storage compartments any time, during the day and at night, on weekdays and in weekends alike. The categories of clients that can benefit from round the clock access include businesses that start work early, such as gardeners, people who work in shifts or usually finish late during the day, busy mothers who spend the day taking care of the kids and can access to their storage unit after the kids have been put into bed or before they wake up.

What Happens To My Storage Unit If I Die?

What You Need To Know Regarding Storage Guidelines

Self storage is a huge business in the US, taking up about 2.3 billion feet of space. And it seems that it is here to stay for a very long time.

Speaking about time… If you rented a storage unit and plan to keep it indefinitely, maybe you wonder what will happen to it if you die. There are several possible scenarios, depending on whether you have or haven`t provided access to someone else.

If you have given access to another person, things are simple: that person can go to the place, empty it out and close the contract.

On the other hand, if you didn`t give access to your storage unit to anyone, the executor of your estate can be granted access once they present the necessary paperwork.

There is also a third scenario, if you never told anyone about your storage unit. In this case, someone close to you might find about it if they have access to your mail (facility managers typically send a letter before foreclosing) or to your credit card or bank statements, where there are listed your monthly or annual charges for the storage facility.

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