how climate controlled storage works

Climate controlled storage units are spaces of various sizes located in storage facilities that are suitable for storing sensitive items that are vulnerable to changing temperatures and humidity levels and that need protection from dust, mold, mildew, pests and any kind of contamination, such as artwork, electronics, items made from textile, leather, wood or from metals prone to developing rust. The climate controlled storage Colorado Springs spaces offer the ideal environment for these sensitive valuables with the help of advanced systems that include heating, cooling, ventilation and the control of humidity levels. These storage spaces are not only fitted with advanced climate control appliances – they are also located in buildings that use suitable, usually all-around insulation to ensure even better air quality and even better temperature control.

Most commonly, the climate control systems in storage facilities use settings operated centrally and very similar to the conditions encountered in homes. This means that the climate conditions in all the units within the same facility are the same, including the temperature (usually kept in the 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit range), the humidity and the other parameters. To make sure that the circumstances in the building are suitable for your sensitive belongings, always inquire about the applied climate control settings before you rent your unit.