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Taking proper care of your boat is essential in the long run, as its surfaces and engine will be exposed to the elements constantly whenever you take it out. As a result, you will need the right items and the best practices for maintenance:


  1. The first things you need will be some basic tools for taking care of the engine. If you’re not very tech savvy, then make sure you still inspect your engine regularly and have someone help you flush it with fresh water after each and every outing.
  2. Cleaning supplies are also very important. Your boat can develop mold easily being exposed to water all the time, so it’s a good idea to use your supplies to keep it clean and dry after each time you take it out to sea.
  3. A few electrician’s tools will also come in handy to make sure the lighting and electric system remains in good condition. Always test them before you take your boat out to make sure there are no loose contacts and that everything is working fine.
  4. Use the right polishes, waxes and coatings to keep all the surfaces on your boat protected from sunlight, rain and salt. Pay special attention to your gelcoat, which has the role of protecting your boat’s underlying fiberglass.
  5. Older boats can have some woodwork that you need to take care of. Most of that woodwork is teak. As a result, teak cleaners, teak oils and polishes designed especially for wood will be very important in this case, since you’ll have to make sure the wood can withstand the elements in the best possible ways.  For winter months be sure to find boat and trailer storage Colorado Springs area to keep them from being weathered during the snowy months.